How to make your home work for everyone

Who wouldn’t want to work in a beautiful office like this? It’s conveniently located on the main floor away from family activity for privacy.

How’s your home working for you? Has it turned into your families’ office, coffee shop, gym, bar, school and, well, everything? If your house is on the verge of implosion from over-demand on limited space, let’s explore some solutions to figure out how to make your home work for everyone.

A home office for one person is a new luxury item on the must-have list.

From open concept to flexible concept

Students and parents, learning and working from home need a proper workspace. The added demand for technology and a quiet work environment can push a house to its limits. The answer, for the most part, is separation, and there are many ways to achieve that.

We love open concept living… until it comes to working from home. Sound travels easily in open spaces making it hard to concentrate or get on a video call. So the once highly desired open concept has given way to the ‘flexible’ concept. But, how do we make rooms more private for work during the day, and open the rest of the time?

One solution is installing large pocket doors or full-sized double barn doors.  By closing off a part of a room you can create an office space in the house but can open up for entertaining or sharing the space. There is a cost attached to any renovation, but it could save you time and money in the long run when you’re able to be more productive and less distracted. 

It’s a luxury to have a bathroom attached to every bedroom but we’re seeing fit frequently in new home building projects.

In new construction, adjacent ensuite bathrooms for every bedroom are becoming the norm and principal bedrooms are featuring coffee bars and small fridges. These conveniences allow rooms to function on multiple levels including office space during the day, regular bedrooms at night.

Another trend to make your home work for everyone is seen in new home and renovation projects. It’s multiple principal bedrooms. This allows more space and all the conveniences for older, live-in family members. Think of it like retirement living with the added security of knowing family is close.

A Multi-functional home is more than just added office space

Laundry Rooms are making their way back to the main floor. It’s all about convenience when you enter the home.

Designers are privy to how well homes function (or not) simply by listening to their clients. We’re getting more requests for shower drains added to mudrooms. Quite simply, in the future, you may require a full-sized bathroom on the main floor, not just a powder room. Laundry rooms are moving to the main floor again, after many years of moving it upstairs. Foyers are just as important for transitioning from outdoors, in. It’s another way to make your home work for everyone, including family and visitors.

Adding a home fitness room can keep everyone active, even when they’re stuck at home.

Adding square footage for living and workspace may be closer than you think. Excavating older basements to add ceiling height is not uncommon in older urban homes. Basements are being used more as shared workout rooms, replacing gym memberships.

A separate apartment attached to your home or an in-law suite is a great way to look after seniors (while giving them their own space).

Homeowners with extra space in the basement are also adding secondary suites for in-laws with full kitchens and bathrooms, and self-contained apartments. Having separate living quarters close-by can be very helpful for extended family and visitors. We have to look out for one another and VictorEric can help you find the space you need to survive and thrive. Contact us and book your consult today at victoreric.com

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