Integration between Landscape Design and Building Design

In this edition, we’re going to talk about the seamless integration between Landscape Design and Architecture as well as its importance.

You might think a small place doesn’t really lend itself to Landscape Design; however, as you can see above, in just three feet VictorEric’s office boasts a landscape strip that is not only beautiful but also engaging, with its cherry trees being conversation piece for people who walk A lot of people that walk by stop and check out our cherry trees.

What is in this garden of VictorEric office?

Our office garden is comprised of two parts: at the door’s entry we can see a very uniform, trim head, while the other is a very natural garden with a layered landscape highlighted by a Tibetan cherry tree and its unique bark.

The middle layer is comprised of strawberry phobia, hearty, low maintenance and very popular in the lower mainland, and aero green plants as well.

Seeing is believing! Almost any space can lend itself to amazing and thoughtful landscape creations. 

Projects with Architectural and Landscape Design

Here are two beautiful examples that showcase a seamless integration between Architectural and Landscape design.  

Both these projects are new builds: The first is in North Vancouver while the other is in East Vancouver.

The beauty of this first house is the site which is sloped and nestled amongst many trees. With North Vancouver known for its creek, we decided to take inspiration and keep the site as natural as possible.  

We created this almost seemingly separate structure with a connecting bridge and from there, we brought in the idea of a dry creek coming under the bridge leading to the front. This hardscape also breaks up the landscape around it, culminating in a very interesting design that blends both design aspects.

For this ‘eclectic’ design we appreciate a lot of trees in the background, and our intent was to keep as many of them as possible. Also, having a slope side higher than the street necessitated the creation of a dry creek as an architectural feature, taking advantage of the sites sloping characteristics.

The result? A great soft scape landscape, layered to a ground cover evergreen defeater, which mimics the natural ecosystem, running under a bridge!  All part of the ‘stormwater management strategy’ particular to this landscape design,

The second case study project is in West Vancouver, this is an interesting house which is highlighted by corrugated materials, red brick, and iron details to bring up that modern industrial look as requested by the client, who is an artist himself.

From a landscape perspective, there is about a four-foot retaining wall, so we used landscape to soften that step, and added small outdoor spaces at the front and the back with a clean line of trees, with ornamental grass in its front yard. We also provided design space for people to sit and enjoy a summer day or underneath a canopy, taking advantage of the shade provided by the tree.

Finalizing this beautiful design are boulders and plants; although very simple it perfectly blends and integrates with the overall building style.

We are passionate about always achieving a seamless integration between all the different aspects of the end to end process; between the construction and design of a new home, as well as   between architecture and interior design to landscape.

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