Landscape Design

If you are looking to add detail to your outdoor space, our landscape designers can help.Whether it’s adding a nostalgic cobblestone walkway or modern water feature, we offer beautiful, tailored design solutions.Outdoor areas are often an afterthought, created with whatever remains of the budget, and without relation to the architecture, but they shouldn’t be! The exterior is just as critical as the interior design to a homeowner’s daily living experience. This is why at VictorEric we offer an integrated approach to landscape design – one that is initiated early on in the building design experience. If you’re looking for a holistic outdoor space, our landscape designers can help.

We will work with you and the budget, to combine natural flora that will compliment your home’s architecture and your lifestyle. From envisioning the overall master plan, down to finer details – designing a water feature or gate, and selecting the right plant for your desired level of upkeep – we will leave no stone unturned.

We express our clients’ unique style through beautiful, appropriate foliage, and suggest ways to extend your living space to the exterior. Whether you desire a manicured front lawn, infinity pool in the rear or rose garden view surround for your home office, these spaces will benefit from the same attention to detail as any bathroom or kitchen. Our creative designs create a bespoke outdoor garden space for you and your family to enjoy all year round.

This service is only available as an additional option to our existing building design clients.