Luxury Entertainment

Continuing our quest to define luxury, lets talk about the entertainment room, aka theatre room, and depending on the family dynamics, it’s sometimes called ‘the mancave’.

To some, having the space dedicated for audio and visual enjoyment is luxury by itself. But we are obviously diving deeper than that.


You must have noticed that some theatre rooms are simply better than others regardless of the different size. Sure, you can attribute that to the better stereo system, or the new 8K screen. The truth is there is more than what meets the eye. The design of the room on an experiential standpoint is probably more crucial than you would think. For instance, the distance you are from the screen relative to the screen size.

When it comes to the placement of the audio/ visual system, you want that to be conveniently accessible yet not obstructive to the entertainment.

The electrical/ data and cable outlet placement is also an important determinate of how spacious and clean the entertainment room is. What about the material used? Carpet can be ideal for sound insulation and to minimizing of echo when you are playing your favorite Michael Bay movie with the 7.1 surround sound system, but if you are planning to use the bar alot, or if you wish to let your guest keep their shoes on in the area, carpet might not be the most sensible for you. Those are the human aspects for the design which requires thoughtful considerations.

Most designers will ask you ‘how big do you want your theatre room?’ Depending on your knowledge on indoor living space, you might or might not have an answer for that. And even if you do have an answer in mind, that might not necessarily be the best option for you. Instead, the question should really be ‘how many guests will you normally be entertaining at a time? And what would you be doing primarily in the room? Movies? Karaoke? Would there potentially be dancing involved? Drinks?

To us, luxury is really about the experience interacting with the space and all its glorious features. If you value good design in a luxury home. Our team of premium home designers can definitely be of service.

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