We’ve talked about the ambiance or the atmosphere of the kitchen, lets start by focusing on the more tangible items. If you love to entertain guests, your requirements for the kitchen a luxury kitchen will be more than just its usability. The ambiance is the mood or setting of a place. Directly related to how you interact with the space though your five senses.

And again, it’s not about throwing money at a problem. You can have the greatest Miele or Subzero appliances, but if it doesn’t visually blend or match the aesthetics of your kitchen cabinets or countertop, it’ll just stick out like a sore thumb. If you are looking to built your luxury custom home from scratch or when you decide to do a major renovation, you will have the ‘luxury’ of doing an integrated, built-in or an overlay kitchen appliance system.

So what are the differences you may ask. For simplicity, built in appliances are designed to sit flush against your cabinets with minimal or probably no gaps in between. You can still see the fridge them at a distance, but thanks to thoughtful design with millworks and proper placement of these appliances, they look neat. Some designers believe that this may work better for modern homes than traditional styled homes since traditional homes have more extravagant or detailed cabinetry which sometimes don’t blend as well with the more modern styled appliances.

For the sake of easy understanding, we’ll group integrated and ‘panel-ready’ appliances together. In short, they are appliances which you conceal with matching panels as your cabinets. If done properly, without pulling the handles, it is difficult to tell whether it’s an integrated fridge or it is a large cupboard.

There are of course features that people consider nice to look at. But ultimately, it’s your home, and its up to you to decide the atmosphere you want the kitchen to be. And the memories that it’ll help you create.

To us, luxury is really about the experience interacting with the space and all its glorious features. If you value good design in a luxury home. Our team of premium home designers can definitely be of service.