Luxury Kitchen

There are a few things that you’ll likely remember when people tour you though their home. Regardless of whether they are foodies or not, one of these areas that’ll leave a lasting impression is the kitchen. To many home buyers, the kitchen can be what makes or breaks a deal. Again, it is not necessarily the size of the kitchen that is the determinate factor, but rather the usability of the space.


When it comes to luxury, it’s having everything you need at your figure tips working in harmony is the key. And having the right visual ambience can make time spent in the kitchen (cooking or chilling) truly unique and enjoyable.

So what are some awesome features? Double oven may not be something on your wishlist, but if you’ve ever hosted a party, I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of food not warming up fast enough. Maybe it’s your guests with their potluck trays lining up one after another for the oven to be freed up. If you’ve had that experience, chances are you will benefit from a double oven. And no, a microwaved turkey just isn’t the same.

Island cooktop. By default, 99% of spec homes will have a range or a cooktop installed against the wall and many of us have grown up not knowing there are other options. Well, in fact, there definitely are. If you love entertaining guest in the kitchen and show-off your culinary skills, island cooktops are a great solution to your boring wall facing experience. Think Teppanyaki chefs, they are always having fun =). And of course, with great island cooktops, there are suitable countertop fume hoods or even down draft range hoods to eliminate heat, grease and odor.

Not everything needs to be expensive? Thoughtful design and proper positioning of equipment can be the little thing that makes the difference.  Think Pot fillers with the articulating arms, they normally don’t come standard in spec homes. Yet to many, it’s an Aha-moment when they realize what they’ve been missing in their kitchen.

To us, luxury is really about the experience interacting with the space and all its glorious features. If you value good design in a luxury home. Our team of designers can definitely be of service.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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