Luxury walk in closets

It’s safe to assume that a well designed walk-in closet is at the very top of most women’s (and some men’s) checklist when it comes to a luxury home.

What is it that makes a walk in closet ‘’luxurious’. Like what we described, in previous weeks about luxury, bigger isn’t necessarily better.  Unlike theatre rooms, and extravagant rooftop patios, a walk-in closet is more common, even for smaller residential units like condos.

Walk in closets are typically designed as part of suite. Usability is the single most important aspect. The arrangements of the closet in relation to the bedroom is what defines the space. And it should always accommodate the lifestyle and perhaps the routine of the owner. (often referred to the traffic flow) Does it make sense to have the bathroom on the opposite side of the bedroom? Waking up in the morning, how do you operate? Everyone is different. That’s also the reason why some people prefer a walk-through closet, which is simply more convenient for them.

With custom homes, perhaps the biggest advantage is the customizability. In the case of closets, perhaps millwork is the main customizable element. How much of the closet shall be dedicated for hanging, what percentage shall be simple shelves? What about accessories? If you wish to get specific, how shall these compartments be arranged so it makes the most sense?

Lighting, arguably another crucial aspect of any room.  The walk in closet is no exception. There are obviously artificial lights which forms the ambiance of the space. -Typically matching the style of the rest of the home. For more modern homes, normally a more simplistic lighting figure with a relatively cooler tone. While a more traditional design uses a more extensive lighting fixtures with a warmer tone. Wonder how your attire will look in natural lighting? A complimentary skylight can be a great addition to the functional closet.

To us, luxury is really about the experience interacting with the space and all its glorious features. If you value good design in a luxury home. Our team of premium home designers can definitely be of service.

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