New Duplex Trend in Vancouver

Did you know that in the last few years, RS zones in Vancouver have undergone significant changes to allow duplexes? The City of Vancouver has not only embraced this shift but has also taken proactive steps to promote duplex construction.

A prime example of this trend can be found at VictorEric, where we are currently working on a custom duplex project on the West Side of Vancouver. The increasing popularity of duplexes, particularly in Vancouver, has been remarkable.

The story behind this particular duplex in the image above is quite intriguing. Our client possessed an old house but had the foresight to plan for the next generation. He approached VictorEric with a vision to build a custom duplex that would serve as home for his son and daughter. One of them already had young children, while the other had just welcomed a new baby.

To cater to our client’s specific lifestyles, we meticulously designed and constructed approximately 6,300 square feet of space. We divided the duplex into one larger unit featuring four bedrooms, a media room, a welcoming basement, and a small rental suite to provide financial support. The second unit was built with three bedrooms and a well-designed basement area suitable for a potential rental suite as well. Every aspect of this project was tailored to our client’s individual needs and preferences.

This inspiring example illustrates the benefits of considering a duplex as a custom project. Whether you are contemplating downsizing or seeking a property for your children’s future, a duplex offers an ideal solution.

Given the soaring house prices in Vancouver, a duplex presents an excellent option for you and your family members. In a duplex setup, you can reside in one unit while renting out the other, providing you with an additional source of income. Furthermore, the other unit can be reserved as a future home for your children, creating a wonderful sense of togetherness. Picture your children or grandchildren playing together just next door – it truly is a heartwarming feeling.

In conclusion, duplexes have become a sought-after housing choice in Vancouver, and this captivating project at VictorEric demonstrates how a custom duplex can cater perfectly to your family’s unique needs. Embrace the idea of a duplex, and let it become a cornerstone for a more fulfilling and interconnected family life.

If you have a project like this in mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@victoreric.com and we would be happy to help you with it!

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