Noodle Makers Restaurant

Project Description

Location: Scope of Work: Interior Design, Construction Mangement, Business Identity Interested in working with VictorEric? Want to see more of our work? Unique Design Challenge: How do you mix a lounge type of restaurant with a sit down dining type all in one? Did I mention that we had to make it look good within a very limited budget? VictorEric Design Solution: Our client wanted to be able to give two dining experiences with one restaurant. Fortunately the space had two levels so we chose use the bottom level with lower ceiling heights as an Izakaya lounge. Bold red colours with interesting textures create an interesting space for people who want some tapas with their drinks. Upstairs was a larger volume of space with tall ceilings and large windows. Unfortunately there was no budget to drop the ceiling down so we chose to incorporate a feature ribbed ceiling in the shape of a dragon’s spine to add some interest to the otherwise tall empty space. Overall, we wanted a modern Asian look. Red is a prominent color in Asian culture and we used it here, because it represents “good luck”. Bamboo and lanterns were also used but in a modern interpretation.

Services Provided

  • Interior Design

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