We are hosting our first webinar of the year. If you have been dreaming of building a new home, this weekend’s webinar is the event for you.

Stop dreaming and start building. Let us help by walking you through the basics of Vancouver’s Building Code followed by BC’s Energy Step Code. From there, we will take you on a journey to High Performance Homes and Passive House.

Join us in leading the change by building well and into the future, for your family and the environment.

This hour-long event is complimentary and followed by a thirty-minute question and answer period. With your attendance at this weekend’s event, you will receive an on-site property assessment consultation valued at $500. Seating is limited.

As promoted in Western Living Magazine: https://www.westernliving.ca/Design–Build-Tips-Future-Proof-your-Custom-Home-Project

And to reserve your space at Eventbrite now: https://futurehomewebinar.eventbrite.ca/.