Our Process

Let us start serving you today!

The custom homes we design and build are as exceptional and unique as you are. Often our clients are so pleased with our work, they request additional help on their second homes. One reason we’ve been able to achieve our award-winning results is our tailored selection of professional services. We offer Consulting, Building Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Business Identity for our commercial clients, and Construction Management Services.

We may be the right choice for 2-3 services, or we may partner with you and your current contractor. In both cases, our goal is for there to be no interruptions in the process so your home flows freely from your dreams to our design vision, and then into reality.

Our services begin from the moment you search your property to the day you move in to your new custom home. Our one-stop-shop experience means you’ll have a calm, enjoyable, design and building process, and a superior finished product.

During the Discovery Meeting we prompt you through a series of conversations to learn about your family, lifestyle, must haves, and nice to haves. We use our portfolio images and images that you have collected to confirm assumptions before we start working on your building design concept. Our joy comes from inspiring you to discover your style preferences, favourite finishes, stair features, appliances, windows, landscape and budget to generate a building design concept that best matches your wishes.

Once we have an approved concept (floor plans and front elevation), our technical staff goes to work designing your home within the context of the municipal by-laws and building code. We work with you through additional meetings where we continue to present greater levels of detail for your review and approval. When the Building Design is complete, we have a complete set of construction drawings, that document all necessary details to successfully build your home. If you engage our Pre-construction Services, at two stages during the Building Design process, we will present construction cost estimate information for your review and consideration to ensure we are still aligned to your budget.

Once we have an approved floor plan and elevations, the Interior Design work starts in earnest. Within the context set by the Building Design team, we work room by room discussing the lighting plan and selections, plumbing selections, appliances, the location of specialty plugs and ethernet receptacles, millwork and your favourite colours. During this process, we present samples of all finishes for your approval. By the time our Interior Design is complete, everything you selected for your home will be documented within the drawing package. For example, Not only is your floor tile documented, but we also instruct the tile setter how we want it to be installed. With our thorough design process, detailed selections and comprehensive directions, your construction site can proceed with minimal delays. Through our Pre-construction Services, we will present three more estimates as you finalize the specifications. The Design-Build process advantage ensures your Construction budget is aligned with the level of luxury items you have requested and minimizes unexpected cost overruns during Construction.

After you have approved the site plan (location and elevation of the house and garage), the work on your Landscape Design starts. At first, we work to design all the walk-ways, exterior stairs, patios, and drive-ways (known as “hardscape”). Once this has been finalized we begin working on a planting plan that includes all plants, shrubs, trees, and a landscape lighting plan. When we are finished, your beautiful dream home will be framed by an equally inspiring landscape with gorgeous curb appeal both day and night!

Once the building design and hardscape design drawings have been completed, we submit your building permit drawings to your municipality for their review and approval. During the time of permit review, you continue to work with your Interior Design and Landscape Design teams to complete the drawings, so that every detail is documented when your permit is approved. Once all drawings are completed, your Construction team will finalize the cost estimate and begins discussing the construction contract, so that everything is in place when your building permit is issued.

The day you have been waiting for is finally here! We have already inspected and photographed every inch of your new home and attended to or notified you of any areas in need of further refinement. After educating you on the features and automated systems within your new home, we give you the keys, and do our best to leave you alone to settle in. Once the list is agreed and understood, we’ll estimate the time it will take to address issues, and make arrangements to access your home. Once we’ve remedied the deficiencies, we walk through with you indicating the previously identified concern(s), and what we’ve done to address them. With all of the deficiencies addressed, the Construction Phase of your project is complete, and the Warranty Phase begins. After 1 year, we will make an appointment to return and fix issues associated with the natural settling of your home.