Grewal Residence


Building Design, Interior Design





House Size

7,879 SF

Architectural character, curb appeal and integration of the project into its setting. This site is on a large urban lot in an area with many large mansion type homes. We wanted to create a very palatial look with a classic but modern landscape. The French architectural style is cleaned up slightly with simple profiled cornices but enough detail to still give it that luxurious character.

The interior rooms are carefully defined so that it’s a balance between a classical layout and a modern open plan. The foyer sets the first impression of grandeur with its large double volume space and overheight feature wall set behind the staircase. There is a water feature with this large feature wall and a beautifully sculpted 3D tile is used to allow the water to trickle and dance. The back of the home is where most of the entertaining and gathering will happen and we’ve designed it with large glass and folding doors so it opens up to the rear patio, fireplace lounge, and outdoor kitchen.