Split Level Homes – Living in Harmony With Your Lot

Here is a bit of a design challenge- you acquired a lovely Lower Mainland lot with a great view but it’s on a slope. To utilize the lot effectively would require quite a bit of excavation which can eat up a lot of your budget. This will inevitably take away from your design budget leaving less to create a truly functional home suited to your needs and lifestyle. Thankfully, a split level designed house could be your saving grace here.

Split level designs consist of two to three staggered levels connected by short flights of stairs. This design concept fits nicely on your sloping topography with minimal disruption to the land you purchased. And again, less digging means there is more left in your design budget. Split level homes feel larger and more interesting as there are multiple zones created without relying on massive rooms.


On a sloped lot, a normal design requires more excavation


The unique split level design naturally allows for interesting elements. Rooftop patios for one, are far easier to implement in a split level design. In fact they can also be better for those with trouble walking up long staircases. Because of the segmentation of spaces split levels create, you can design your home to better suit your family’s needs as each floor can be designated towards different zones. Imagine an entire floor for the kids’ rooms and play room while the master bedroom is separated and given greater privacy on the main floor. The best part, because a sloped lot has a staggered floor layout, all parts of the house have far more opportunities to take advantage of those spectacular ocean views.


With a split level design far less needs excavating to accommodate the home


Imagine living in a unique structure that is in harmony with the land it is built on. A personalized space that has distinct functional zones to help you find balance in your life between family, personal time and even your hobbies.

This may sound overwhelming, but we relish it. A good portion of the award winning VictorEric team are highly capable structural designers. Making our client’s dreams a reality by solving these hard design challenges are deeply satisfying. Contact us for a consultation today 1.604.677.0021

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