Symmetry in Custom home design

Are symmetrical designs simply better? If so, shouldn’t all houses be symmetrical? Well, of course not. If everyone’s custom home is symmetrical, then where’s the individuality?

As human beings, we like orderly things, patterns, rhythm and symmetry as opposed to chaos. Our brains are wired to try and make sense out of things, meaning you get a sense of satisfaction when expectations are met. Say you see half of a person’s face, you’d assume the other half looks the same. When the other half reveals itself and actualizes your prediction, it satisfies your brain. Simply put you hate being wrong, and enjoy being Right. Right? That’s also why most popular music tend to repeat it self, a lot. They are ‘catchy’ because after the first 20 seconds of it, you can likely guess how the rest of the song will sound. Now we understand why we like them, here are the reasons why not everything should be symmetrical.


Unless you live in a palace with left and right wing, you just can’t have two sides of the house exactly the same. Even if you can afford it, your home should be designed to suit your needs rather than for sheer aesthetics. Shouldn’t the master bedroom and ensuite to be bigger than the kid’s or the guest room?  And what if you have two kids? I mean surely you can have the master bedroom in the dead centre, and kids’ room on each side, making everything perfectly balanced, but what about the other spaces? The living room and dining room? What about the garage? When you factor in all the variables, including the potentially sloped land. along with the city bylaw requirements, it soon becomes an unsolvable Sudoku puzzle.


Furthermore, although symmetry happens visually appealing, that doesn’t mean that nothing else is. There are plenty of amazing looking houses that are completely asymmetrical.

The study of Feng Shui emphasizes balance. Not necessarily being symmetrical, but the balance of the Yin and Yang. The golden or the rules of thirds may immediately pop into mind. Good designers are always aware of all these factors involving aesthetics and ideals, yet they straddle the line between form and function.


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