The West Coast is the Best Coast in Luxury Design/Build Homes

What does West Coast style mean to you?

One thing that we see emerging more and more is the signature West Coast Style of Greater Vancouver.  A trend also known as West Coast Modernism or West Coast Vernacular. This architectural style incorporates the natural environment into the design of a building. This style has been evolving for decades and continues to form. Therefore it confidently takes its place within our unique heritage and character.

We are seeing key aspects of interior and exterior design compliment our natural setting and elements. 

Open floor plans with natural lighting have reshaped traditional views of residential architecture. Notably wood finishings enhance these creative and accomplished designs.

Dark wood floors are rich, dramatic and look fantastic paired with natural surroundings. Moreover, they provide visual weight to keep the rest of your room grounded.

The West Coast vibe stands out and gives you a beautiful, unique and functional space.

Most often West Coast style includes natural light and boosts an emphasis on views. Using views to focus simplistic design into featured spaces is both smart and innovative. Here we have an great example of how to use this to its full potential.

Woodsy walls help unify a bevy of inspiration and turn it into a point of interest. This earthy bathroom sparks your imagination and fosters a free-spirited feel.

Embracing our scenery is key to adopting and appreciating the rich West Coast culture.

Extensive use of native trees is paramount within this beautifully designed home.  Also, urban landscaping defines our area and adds vibrancy.  Upon arriving, you instantly feeling welcome, calm and home.

Design for the way you live. 

West Coast style is all about being confident in your design choices. The character and perfection embodied in your home will speak volumes to who you are.  Bringing you a home that is equally award winning and comfortable. What else could we ask for in a home as beautiful as you?

Ultimately, we welcome you to give VictorEric a call and start your West Coast design/build journey.

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