These Aren’t Your Grandmother’s Wallcoverings

Let’s talk about wallcoverings, known as “wallpaper” before computer desktops, for just a moment. Growing up I’m sure many of us remember our Grandmother’s hideous… ahem… I mean dated, wallcoverings. Now, no disrespect to your Grandmother, I’m sure she is lovely, but when we think of ‘wallpaper’, haunting memories of floral printed olive-green walls peeling at every seam pops into our heads. Unfortunately, this is the associated imagery that most people think of when anything other than paint, paneling or tiles are suggested to be put up on their new home’s walls. Well I say your days of fearing wallcoverings are over.

Wallcoverings are frankly a fantastic way to bring attention to the focal point of your room. Like a piece of art, they can display the room’s character, or highlight its purpose. Think of wallcoverings as a design material that is flexible enough to be used as your feature wall or be an entire replacement to paint.

Right now, wallcoverings come in so many inspiring designs, from very geometric to very organic. These interiors show off the relatively new style of wallcoverings that use a blotted ink design. They seem to bridge the divide between the outright solid colour painted walls and the outright patterned wallcoverings. The results are stunning, and leave you with an almost whimsical feeling. Everything is grounded by contrasting the organic ink blots with minimal furnishings to keep the spaces from feeling cluttered.


Wallcoverings Made From High Density Photographic Prints of Ink and Watercolour Blots

These wallcoverings are quite complex to print. Your Grandma wouldn’t have encountered them while picking her interior design back 50 years ago. But I bet if she did have these options back then, our gut reaction to hearing the word ‘wallpaper’ would be much different today.

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