To Baseboard, Or Not to Baseboard

To baseboard, or not to baseboard, that is… something to consider.

Many houses have baseboards, but should yours? The truth is some high calibre interior designs, including some of our own, have called to forego conventional thinking.

Baseboards are classified as millwork, and can come in many shapes and sizes. They add balance to the overall look of your interior space, for example, when crown moulding is used. They also help to give a framed-in look for a house. A simple baseboard will tend to lend to a more contemporary look overall. Conversely if you start to add more and more detail to baseboards, they can start to bring a more traditional style into your home. Baseboards work very well for traditional and transitional designs, but if you are trying to go for a truly contemporary look there are other better options.


With no baseboards, the Homer Mews Residence can display lines from the floor that extend uninterrupted up the wall


You could opt to not have any baseboards at all. This is recommended if you are going for a very contemporary look with clean uninterrupted lines. Opting to not have any baseboards will keep your design simple and modern. The only downside is a loss of protection for your walls from brooms and vacuums. That said if you don’t expect too much horseplay around your house, being able to have a bookshelf flush against your wall is a real upside. If you had your heart set on a “framed” look, perhaps a transitional design with baseboards might be best.


Floating walls, as the name suggests, provides an almost weightless feel while better defining where the floor starts and a wall ends


There is however another option, floating walls. They provide an elegant ultra-clean contemporary feel that still gives you a “framed” look. They are something special that few designs have, and frankly, they are stunning without being obtuse. Oh, and your bookshelf will be flush against the wall. But perhaps most importantly, it’s little touches like this that bring enormous added value to your asset. If few homes on the market can claim to have floating walls, then a little extra detail in your design such as this helps you stand out.

Our team of designers here at VictorEric have a very keen eye. Pushing the design envelope doesn’t just serve to raise the bar for interior design, it serves to embolden your financial legacy.

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