Vancouver Home Renovations

At VictorEric, we specialize in transforming your home into a masterpiece that goes beyond simple kitchen or bath renovations. With our integrated Design + Build approach, we minimize risks and provide a stress-free experience, ensuring your project is completed successfully.

Renovations come with many uncertainties, unlike new builds. That’s why our experienced Design + Build team is essential for any major renovation. We seamlessly integrate the entire renovation process, from concept to construction, eliminating communication gaps and minimizing budget uncertainties.

We understand that renovations can test relationships, but our open communication, transparency, and trust-building process create a supportive environment for you and your family. Our team listens to your vision, incorporating your preferences into the design, material selection, and construction phases.

Trust us to deliver exceptional results, exceeding your expectations while minimizing disruptions to your daily life. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a breathtaking renovation experience. Contact us today to embark on your transformational journey.

See below for just a few examples of the many renovations we’ve transformed for our clients.

Before - VictorEric - 1 After - VictoreEric - 1
Before - VictorEric - 2 After - VictorEric - 2
Before - VictorEric - 3 After - VictorEric - 3
Before - VictorEric 4 After - VictorEric - 4
“I purchased the home for my parents, and we went set about to renovate the house, VictorEric really listened to what I was looking for, what my lifestyle was, what resonates with me, and they Incorporated that into design… I really enjoyed that part of the process.”
Ross Residence Testimonial