One thing Vancouver is known for is our forward-thinking green initiatives.

As Vancouverites, we believe and practice sustainable ways to reduce our footprint. Personally, we believe it is our responsibility to care about this beautiful environment. Therefore, building a future-proof home is a hot topic in our industry.  A house that complies with upcoming bylaw changes. Ideally, a home with superior return in this ever-changing market.

Reducing our energy cost and individual carbon footprint is important to us all. 

“We were excited about the enthusiasm everyone had for the subject and some very good technical questions were asked.”

Award-winning home Designer, Eric Lee

Our FUTURE-HOME seminars bring a dynamic crowd of people. VictorEric brings to you a opportunity to learn about upcoming changes. We are also offering a chance to speak with the industries most knowledgeable.  VictorEric holds the value of sharing dear.  Part of our mission has always been sharing knowledge and how to profit from the Vancouver housing market.

Knowledge is power.

A VictorEric value is to empower the community. We are committed to staying knowledgeable and educating the community. Saving the planet is so important. Therefore, staying up to speed on cutting-edge technologies is high priority.  Also, VictorEric believes in helping inspectors as well as competitors stay current with the technology.

VictorEric strives to equip people with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Home Automation greatly affects your houses efficiency. Such as, adjusting your windows reflection or covering based on temperature. Adjusting the settings of appliances and lighting is a way for your home, to work for you.

The greatest investment we make is buying or building a home.  We know it is essential to be fully aware of all considerations. Therefore, working with VictorEric greatly improves value and sustainability.

VictorEric introduces the chance to experience a future home firsthand.

Due to popular demand, our General Manager is hosting a Future Home Seminar, January 30, 2020 1:00-3:00 PM in Richmond BC

Truly, an exclusive chance to visit a high-performance home as its being built.  Therefore, VictorEric is very excited to highlight this project. An opportunity to witness the evolution of home design. Also, this home is the very first future home in Richmond.  

Are you are interested in planet-saving initiatives, methods, and developments? Our Seminar is an event you will not want to miss!

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