We don’t JUST decorate


This is obviously no “Dis” to interior Decorators, why would we? Interior Decorating is one of the many services we offer to our clients.

But we feel that it is important for us to explain how WE define interior Decorators and Interior Designers.

To many, interior decorators and designers are one and the same, that’s just how people from different countries name things differently. But to us, interior Decorating is like the icing on the cake, while interior designers often work closely with building designers to define the shape, size and the content in the cake.

Confused? Let’s break it down further. When it comes to decorating, there is a different level of services a decorator can provide. One term you may be more familiar with is “Staging”. Their work revolves around the aesthetics of the house. Especially in certain showhomes, where space is limited. If staged well, it can make the rooms feel much more spacious and comfortable to live in through the use of mirrors, paring of certain furniture and wallpaper etc. Often ‘stage work’ can demonstrate to a home buyer how space can be best used.

As a custom home Design-build Firm, our approach is a bit different. Instead of trying to appeal to a large demographic (potential buyers), our decorators work with you ‘the owner’ on an individual basis to source the perfect furniture and accessory combinations that are optimized for the given space, which looks good and suits your lifestyle. Our decorators do also get a significant discount at some major furniture stores too, simply cause of the amount of business they do with them. Sometimes, that alone is enough to offset the service fee we charge and more.

Going back to the “cake” itself. We believe in designing holistically. Our interior designer will work with the building designer in the early stage to ensure the allocation of square footage in each room is well thought out, that includes the placement of large furniture in conjunction with the window etc. With all that in mind, our Design, Decorating, and Construction team is devoted to turning your dream home into a reality.


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