What if Every Room in Your Home Were Your Favourite Room?

Everyone has a favourite room in their house.

A space that makes you smile and truly appreciate how good life is. We take pride in our homes and our favourite rooms are always what we want to show first. How we define style, from charming to traditional, our homes are authentic to ourselves.  Look at this, through this room you can see family, happiness and our success.

It may be where you prepare perfect meals for your family.

A place to experiment with new ideas and experience new flavours. Upon entering, you smell the simmering aroma of family recipes.  Where you can still hear the laughter of loved ones gathered around the Island.   A pristine reflection of your personality and luxurious design. There is such comfort in the way your kitchen can appeal to all your senses.

Your living room could be your most favourite.

Imagine, being curled up on your beautiful sectional with a book and a warm cozy fire. A comfortable place to watch a favourite show or entertain close friends.  Here, our genuine character is proudly showcased.  Well lived in, dynamic and distinctive to everyone who spends time together. A room to share daily joys with all the people you love. Truly, a space for family to sit, relax and enjoy each other. 

How about your well-designed bathroom where you end your day?  

Whether it is the start or end to our everyday, a luxurious bathroom makes all the difference. A calming space that would rival some of the most luxurious spas in the world. A true escape would be a slipping into an oversize tub and taking in your surroundings. Beautiful natural light, sleek counter-tops and creatively decorated walls.  Imagine the depth a fireplace can add. The contrast created by a soft plush rug on your beautiful stone floors. Such a serene atmosphere creates an emotional connection between a person and their favourite room.


It could be the luxury of your welcoming bedroom.

A bedroom is more than just a bed in a room. It is your personal retreat. A place for you to rest and recharge. What constitutes perfection when imaging the ideal bedroom is so unique to each of us. Our personalities define our style, create a mood and evoke emotion. Our bedrooms naturally, perhaps more than any of our rooms, become our comfortable space. Consider, a room that stimulates and energizes while also evoking a tranquil and calm mood.  There is no wonder why bedrooms are a most favourite place.

Custom-built homes are designed to house all your favourite rooms.

Therefore, each perfectly detailed room is your personal favourite room. Colour, lighting and space are all elements we consider when designing your favourite rooms. Not only are these rooms luxurious, the quality lasts and never goes out of style. A VE custom design-build home is truly a masterpiece.  To start creating and living your dreams, call VictorEric today!

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