What makes a luxury living room stand out?

More than just a couple chairs and a chesterfield, a living room is part of our personality.

Truly, you can’t beat the wow, first impression, when welcoming guests into your home. An intense focal point within your living room is where peoples eyes will land upon entering.  Usually facing the entrance, it is the basic of any well balanced room.  Examples are usually a fireplace mantle, accent wall or a large piece of art. A large window with a view could also be a natural focal point.

Another way to feature an entire room is with lighting.

Adding more light into your living room will completely change the atmosphere. Stylish lamps and lighting fixtures are easy, although not the only way to do this. Uncovered windows allows light to flood in and enhances any design style of your choosing. You will be amazed at what a huge impact light truly has.

One scheme that never goes out of fashion is a classically styled sitting room.

High ceilings, crown mouldings and big beautiful windows are definite must haves. Although, it is quite easy to create these illusions in any design scheme.  For a traditional classic that is also uniquely up-to-date add some deep gem tones on the walls or floor.  A gorgeous rug will stand out, draw your eye in and perfectly complete the space.

A modern take on the living room is becoming quite a popular way to go.

Seeing warm mid-century designs definitely help us understand this trend.  A bold and evolving style that brings an emphasis on simplicity, fashion and function.   For many people there is a soothing effect from a room with simple furnishings and accessories.  A pronounced sense of cleanliness and organization paired with unique features, bring us a simple & dynamic environment.

Open concept designs are also a very common scheme in our homes.

It is very important to keep in mind the cohesion of all elements within these designs.   Well placed rugs work wonders when grounding and defining our area.  Monochromatic or neutral colour schemes work well throughout the space. Choose your palette and use different shades and tones within. Also incorporating patterns or a feature colour will add depth and interest.

For some families, the most important detail of a living room is comfort.

A warm, cozy space to share ours days and create memories.  An inviting sectional with plush pillows is all we need to catch up and enjoy a movie night.   A fireplace enhances the warmth, connection and beauty of this living room.

Refreshing any room will make you fall in love with your home all over again.  Therefore, why not start in a room as paramount as the one in which we share our lives.  For more information on how design-build can create your perfect living room. Contact us at VictorEric Design Group.

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