What Would Your Custom Designed Home Say About You?

One aspect of design that we thrive on is the dynamic nature of it.

Design is ever changing, and we love that about it. Truly, keeping tabs on trends and up-to date details is only part of the fun. The real fun starts when we get creative and bold with our expression. 

Innovation, tradition, and originality coming together to define a signature style.

This eclectic yet luxurious bedroom would be a complete showstopper in any home.  The attention to detail is paramount and rewarding.  An absolute work of art, a creation based on the perfect blend of imagination and knowledge.

Design is the language of our personalities.

It speaks to each of us with sophistication and savoir-vivre. It brings together our passions and our comforts.  An example, this balanced and simplistic wine cellar is a great alternative to the more modern aesthetics.  Not only is it a satisfying design, it translates to the deep appreciation of the connoisseur that would reside here. 

Exterior design elements also tell the world who we are. 

On one hand, here is a clean and inviting outdoor area that calls out to all.  It tells tales of joyful family gatherings and poolside meals. An outstanding and classic design executed perfectly.

Meanwhile, this basketball court is the perfect addition to any sports loving active family.   It is vibrant, colourful and tells the story of playful leisure.

There is something so refreshing about seeing people’s individuality come out in the form of design.

It is more than just a well-placed mirror or a perfectly framed picture.  Creativity is found in every single step of the design-build journey. From the concept, the foundation, the framing and finishing.  Therefore, each design is well thought out, each result intentional, from the very initial drawing.  

Discover what beauty lies within and start dreaming today. 

There truly is no limit to what our minds can imagine. No rules when it comes to how you want to express yourself.  VictorEric has mastered the art of balancing creative expression with functional design. Contact us, and start the journey towards your unique design-build home.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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