With VictorEric you literally get your permits faster. Potentially WAAAAAYYY faster!

In case you ever needed ANOTHER REASON to go with a reputable designer for your Custom Home Project…

As a trusted name in developing some of Vancouver’s finest, award-winning homes, VictorEric is one of a handful of design firms to take part in this Pilot Program – Applicant Supported Assisted Process (ASAP). This process aims to create a Nexus Lane to expedite only the most competent design firms in the permitting process, with a target of 12 Weeks to issue the permit.

This is a signification reduction in processing time, considering an average building permit application in Vancouver tends to take 5-7 months.


So what did it take for VictorEric to be included in this exclusive group?  First, volume. By handling a large number of projects every year, it shows that VictorEric has the experience and has historically displayed excellence in submitting quality applications. Secondly, consistently demonstrating we have the speed and knowhow to creatively rectify any deficiencies identified by the City Planners, leaves City officials confident that we are working with them in lockstep. Thirdly, VictorEric assigns a dedicated Project Administrator to every project. This means the City will always have a knowledgeable go-to person ready to answer questions about each design. In our case, its the building designer who is poised to respond to technical questions and even make quick minor adjustments to drawings on the fly. This is hugely beneficial, as it speeds up the entire process, and nothing gets lost in translation.  Fourthly, we use the most up-to-date BIM technology, Revit®, to create error-free drawings and we have automated reminders to follow-up on drawings in process through Co-Construct®.

Eventually if this program is deemed successful, the ASAP Program will be expanded. But being the first to be in the Nexus Lane is just one of the many advantages of choosing VictorEric. Call us to learn how and why our mission is to make the design/build process simple and fun for all involved…even for the City![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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